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The British Army has released a special video to mark Remembrance 2022

Called 'The Fabric That Binds Us' the film reminds us to think about our veterans and serving soldiers from recent conflicts - connected by their service yet from different walks of life. The concept of The Fabric That Binds us stems from the personal experiences of its creator, Corporal Charles Clare, a professional Army Photographer with the Royal Logistic Corps. Corporal Clare, a first-generation immigrant and the first member of his family to serve in the British Army, said: "I grew up without any affiliation to the Army but I became a soldier in 2009 and served in the Infantry before transferring to become an Army Photographer in 2021. So I attended Remembrance Day parades, gatherings and observed the silence, but it was done so out of a respectful courtesy." "Then I travelled to Royal Wootton Basset to watch a friend's repatriation from Afghanistan and I saw the streets lined with strangers from all from different walks of life, coming together to stand in silence in the rain as my friend's hearse drove by, although to them he was also a stranger. It was such a humbling experience that stayed with me over the years and now Remembrance has become a way to pay my respects to friends and colleagues that have lost their lives in recent conflicts." The human side of soldiers When Corporal Clare pitched his idea for The Fabric That Binds Us, he wanted to create a video that showed the human side of soldiers, how despite their different backgrounds they are the same. "We all come together for the act of Remembrance and that is a form of community. I also wanted to create a piece that would help to modernise the act of Remembrance, yet still paying tribute to its origins." Corporal Clare then went on to write, direct and co-produce the video which took four months of pre-production, thirteen days to film, included fourteen locations such as the Army Flying Museum and the Avon Fire & Rescue Service and involved a cast of seventy three veterans, Regular and Reservist soldiers as well as their families. Never forgotten Every year serving personnel, veterans and civilians come together to remember the sacrifices that previous generations from all walks of life have made and honour the fallen. We will not forget those who have served before. Wherever they are in the world British soldiers, sailors and airmen continue to keep Britain and its allies safe.